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Do I have to travel via Mariehamn from the continental Finland to come to Brändö ?
The easiest way to get to Brändö is via Vuosnainen (Swedish name Osnäs) in Kustavi (Swedish name Gustavs). It takes about two hours to get there from Turku (Swedish name Åbo). If you travel from the finnish mainland via Mariehamn it takes at least about 8 hours  See connections for more details.

Is it possible to travel further from Brändö to the main island of Åland/Mariehamn or to the finnish mainland/Turku-Uusikaupunki?
There are about three ferry departures daily from Brändö via Kumlinge and Enklinge to the main island of Åland/Mariehamn. The approximate duration of the journey from Brändö to Mariehamn is 3,5 hours. To the finnish mainland there are 3-5 departures every day (the ferry journey takes about 40 minutes).

Is a fishing license necessary?
In Brändö, as in the whole Åland generally, a fishing license is needed. They are sold in all local stores.

What kind of accommodation alternatives are there ?
There are Bed & Breakfast inns, hotels, cottages or camping places (only by Brändö stugby) to select from. See accommodation for more details.

Is it necessary to make a reservation for the car on the ferries ?
During the high season (summertime) it is recommendable to make a reservation for your car. People and animals, however, don’t need a reservation. For more details about the ferries operating in Åland (time-tables, connections, prices and so on) check connections. To make a reservation call + 358 (0)18 525 100 (Ålandstrafiken) or via

Where can I buy ferry tickets ?
Tickets for cars, motorcycles, caravans and other motorized vehicles can be purchased onboard the ferries.

Is a ticket needed for people and bicycles ?
People, dogs and cats travel free of charge. Please note that dogs are not allowed in the ferry cafeteria. There is, however, indoors space for dogs and cats. The fare for bicycles is during highseason 6 € (highseason= ca 20.6 - 10.8).

Is there a public beach in Brändö ?
There are many public beaches in Brändö. You can actually swim where ever you like as long as you don’t do it next to a private property. The public beach of the municipality, Korsklobbsrevet, is located about a kilometre from Brändö village in the direction of Torsholma. On Korsklobbsrevet you will find restrooms, a bathing hut, a trampoline and a waterslide among other things. In Jurmo, Lappo and Torsholma there are smaller beaches. Note! There are no lifeguards.

Free wireless connections for internet ?                                                                                                                           You can find free wireless connections for internet in Trixies Shop/Cafe in Brändö village (see the map for Brändö by) , restaurant/hotel Gullvivan (probably works outside the building to) and Lappo guest harbour/restaurant Galeasen.

How do I get cash in Brändö ?
There are no bank automats in Brändö and no ways either to get cash. So its recommended to get cash before You enter some of the ferries to Brändö. On the mainland You find the "last" bankautomat in Kivimaa/Kustavi (look for the bank OSUUSPANKKI and sign OTTOmat). It can be if necessary but good to have some cash if You want to buy something from thel local marketplaces (occasionally in the municipalitys) or when there is feasts as Lappodagarna, Torsholmadagarna , Brändödagarna and so on.

Are there gas pumps in Brändö ?
Yes. At the Lappo guest harbour (nearby) there is a gasolin pump. You can reach the pump both by car and boat.
There is a gasolin pump for 24 h use in connection to Brändö Ahl (shop opposite Ålandsbanken in Brändö village, look at Brändö by map). The pump takes Euro bills and cards and can be reached both by car and boat.

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