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Municipality of Brändö

Community council

AX-22940 ÅVA


+ 358 18 56500


+ 358 18 56504



You can enjoy swiming almost everywere but we suggest Korsklobbsrevets beach approx. 1 km south from Brändö village towards Torsholma.

If You want to know more please try to read the swedish page HÄNDELSEKALENDERN or call the municipal office + 358 (0)18 56500. We do speak english and some german. Follow Brändö info (every month) to see what happens every week /month.

Brändö has sportingground (biggest in the archipelago) BRÄNDÖ HALLEN for all sorts of sports. The hall is situated in Brändö "by" (village) and You can hire it for example badminton (3 courts side by side) on a rainy day. If You want to meet locals Your welcome to play badminton tuesday 19 - about 21 (not during june-august). The only thing You need to take with You is Your own clothes. Much fun :)
Call Julia Grünewald at the municipal office + 358 (0)18 56700 for further information, e-post; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

there are bicycles to loan for mainly sailors i Jurmo and Lappo guestharbours (ment for the islands).

If You want to fish You have to buy a fishingcard. You can buy fishing cards from the shops. Fishing cards are sold for certain areas (link). Also possible to buy if You are in Lappo and Torsholma (again You have to contact the local store). You are only allowed to fish with a pole/rod ...not with net. 


If You want to come a bit closer to heaven and have a look over the archipelago there are two towers to visit.
In Jurmo there is a tree tower built to view the island and the village. You will catch a glimse of the sea ..Your are in Brändö and the sea is always near. Ask by the harbour or the restaurant to find Your way to the tower. In Torsholma there is a tower (a replica of towers built to recognize enemy planes on their way to bomb Turku during WW2) with view to the south and the open archipelago sea. The path to the tower starts from Torsborg (house for youth and other gatherings close to bay and harbour Innanpå, witch You find near Milan kindergarten) and is marked with tower symbols. The path is about 1,5 km long. Take Your picknickbag with You and enjoy the archipelago.

The Archipelago Museum in Lappo is worth visiting. The museum displays traditional Åland archipelago and fishing culture. You find about more about opening hours and so on